Bangles might rule the wrist, but make room in your jewelry closet because there's a new kid in town ... the Statement Necklace! 

The chunkier, the funkier, the bigger, the better! So ditch the small delicate pieces and get ready to go BOLD! 

chunky statement necklaces

This accessory doesn't have to be expensive, but it can add a pop of color or glam to any outfit made from a variety of materials: glass, hammered metal, gemstones, beads, acrylic, plastic, shells or resins.

Because of it's size, a chunky necklace can stand on it's own or it can look great when worn with other necklaces as a layering piece.Wear them with a button down shirt for work (under the collar like a man's tie), a simple t-shirt and wide legged jeans for play, or a chic strappy dress to go out. A huge trend that you'll see going into Spring 2013 are vintage rhinestone necklaces worn with ordinary tees - so start rummaging through Grandma's old drawers and finding treasures at your favorite antique store.

I think they are best paired with a solid, but if you're a Bohemian type of girl look for one with some geometric shape and wear it with a great maxi dress or ethnic print.

A chunky flowery necklace is best worn with a sundress, white or beachy looks.

Think pearls are old fashioned? Well, not when Rhianna wears them! Here she is rocking a 5 strand choker with a pair of vintage Chanel sunnies. Perfection.

When dressing for a formal affair, don't overlook the power of pearls as a statement necklace to transform plain to fabulous! This is wear you can buy something cheap, no one can tell the difference with pearls and really there's no reason to own the real thing unless it's a family heirloom. Even the women on the Titanic kept the real ones at home. The secret is to make them your own by adding a brooch, a inexpensive bling stretch ring from Forever 21 strung thru the bubbles or wrapping them around your neck a few times, layering ... think outside the box to create your own statement! 

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There is no question in my mind that we are what we eat. Of course exercise is good for you but it won't make you lose weight ... especially if you are rewarding yourself with something to eat afterward.

Think about it ... if a woman who is 130 pounds spends half an hour on the treadmill running 5mph (a 12 minute mile) she will burn 236 calories, but if she stops at Starbucks for a medium size, 16 oz caramel macchiato, she consumes 240 calories and there goes her work out! Also, many people believe that by exercising one area of the body that they can get rid of the fat there. While ab exercises tone and strengthen the muscles of the stomach, it will not remove the outer layer of fat that is covering the muscle up - you need to lose weight allover to do that.

We all pretty much know that in order to weigh less, we need to eat less. To lose weight you need to cut your calorie intake so it is less than the calories you burn. One pound of stored body fat is equal to 3500 calories, so you need to create a 7000 calorie deficit to lose 2 pounds. (It would take 15 hours of running or 30 hours of walking to do that for a 130 pound person)

Stop beating yourself up about not having time to get the gym and start watching what you put on your plate to get your metabolism into bikini mode. Before you take another diet trip to South Beach or sign on for the Cabbage Soup, Lemonade or Cookie Diet remember that it's all about calories. If you cut 500 calories out of your life each day, you can expect to lose one pound a week...the sane, safe and sensible way!

Overwhelmed? Start with a simple rule that I sometimes follow when the scale is tipping up - The 3 Bite Rule! Whatever you're serving for dinner, whatever is on your plate, pizza, cupcakes, or cheese ... Have it, but just 3 bites. It will make you feel that you've indulged and satisfied your craving by tasting the flavor but not feeling guilty about totally busting your diet goals. It helps to add a full glass of water before "biting" to feel fuller. Remember, It's called willpower for a reason - if it were easy everyone would be a size 4!

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"Put the Oxygen Mask Over Your Own Face First!"
We have all heard this familiar phrase from flight attendants before take off, but this is also good advice to consider on a daily basis if you are a busy mom. I know it can be challenging when you feel time constrained to work "beauty goddess" into your day so here are some tips that can help!

Pre-Book Beauty Appointments and Don't Cancel!
When someone compliments me on the way I look, I wish I could reply that it's all natural, but I can't because it takes a good deal of effort to stay in shape, look current and be manicured. It is key that you schedule beauty appointments for yourself well in advance while planning the family calendar so that you are never walking around with split ends, 2 inch roots and cracked heels.

Always carry a pack of necessities in your car or purse. 
Inevitably there will be days when you finally get out the door with everyone in the car only to look into the rear view mirror and think, "How did I leave the house looking like this?" Since Johnny is locked in the back seat in a 5 point harness take advantage of the opportunity to be hands free since it might be the only time you will have like this all day. Keep 3 things at all times in your survivor kit:

  • Concealer. Great for undereye circles from lack of sleep and to even out skin tone.
  • Lipstick. A swipe of rosy pink looks good on almost everyone and can double as a cheek stain for a pretty glow to brighten up your face.
  • Mascara. A quick pass on the lashes will open up your eyes and add instant definition.

Optimize your shower time. 
  • Apply a whitener strip before getting wet. According to Jason Olitsky, a dentist in NYC, the heat from the water can help enhance the stain-lifting power of the whitening ingredients.
  • Don't skip Shaving or you'll be tempted to throw on those sweatpants ... again.
  • Exfoliate, remove dirt and stimulate collagen by using one of the new waterproof sonic facial brushes on your face.
  • Apply your lotion immediately upon toweling off to lock in moisture while your skin is still damp.

  • Tint your lashes and you won't need to apply mascara for a few months 
  • Use 3 in 1 products like the new BB Creams that have moisturizers, SPF, tinted coverage, primers, and vitamins all in one squeeze. 
  • No time for a shower? Use dry shampoo.
  • Keep baby wipes on your nightstand to remove makeup on those evenings you just fall into your bed!
  • Get rid of fly aways and frizzy hairs by moisturizing your hands as usual and then running them through your hair to tame down the wispies.
  • Keep spoons in the freezer and apply under puffy eyes in the morning to reduce inflammation.
  • If you can't tweeze stray eyebrows, use an inexpensive (3 for $5) eyebrow razor sold in pharmacies for a quick touch up.
  • If you don't have time for a full mani-pedi, a polish change can get you by for another week. Plus it only requires 10 minutes in a salon as opposed to 45. A lollipop for your 2 year old and you should be able to make it through.

Exercise between laundry and chores.

  • Throw in a few lunges. 
  • Squeeze your abs and butt each time you bring the vacuum hose in toward you. 
  • Put on some music and dance while you make dinner. 
  • Instead of "sitting" on the toilet - Do a deep squat. You'll feel your quads kick in immediately.

Mother's Day 2005
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Eye-lash curling is such an easy way to emphasize your eyes giving your whole face star appeal ... The new heated lash curlers on the market make this old school beauty tip easier than ever to do! 

Many women often don’t spend the time to curl their lashes or if they do they are doing it incorrectly causing damage and fall out. No matter what length your lashes you can amp up your peepers with the right tools and the right technique:

The best metal eye lash curler that makeup artists swear by is made by Shu Uemura and it has become the gold standard - best in class - for good reason … It has a long bed plate that actually curls lashes as opposed to bending them which can cause damage to the lash. For $20 it’s a must have!

To use, make sure all shadow and liner is finished and your lashes are clean. Sometimes it helps to keep the curl if lashes are just a bit damp. You can run the metal curler under hot water before using it. Another trick is to heat up the metal curler by blasting it with air from your blow-dryer before using it, but be VERY careful not to touch the metal to your eyelids if you try this. Then clamp the upper lashes near the roots or base of your lid careful not to pinch the skin. Pull upward slightly and hold for around 30 seconds. If you have long lashes move up the lashes and squeeze once more. This will give you a better look than just one big bend in the lash line. Only then is it time for mascara. My favorite at the moment is Mac’s Zoom Lash.

After you have curled your lashes and have applied mascara you should comb the lashes using a lash comb to separate each lash. Combing the lashes also makes your lashes look more natural and remove any excess mascara.

I have long lashes but the corner of my left eye is not as curly as my right making this little accessory a must have in my beauty bag.
Tweezerman Corner Lash Curler for $10.00. This corner curler keeps both my eyes looking more evenly matched! It’s a great tool for lashes you may have missed or to keep in your purse for a little perk up because it’s very small and easy to use. It’s also really great to use on the outside of your eyes if you have stick straight lashes that need a little extra tease to curl.
The heated eyelashes curler is my new can’t live without gadget that is especially awesome if you are a little gun shy about the whole getting pinched thing. Sephora makes one for just $16 and the best part of this little innovation is that is used AFTER you apply your mascara so you can use it as a pick me up anytime anywhere. 
The curler heats up via a battery in the wand and gently warms the waxes in mascara resulting in a stronger, longer-lasting curl.  It takes about half a minute to heat up once you turn it on and then you simply place the comb on the lash line just above lashes and gently lift to comb lashes into the shape you want like a mascara brush. Hold for a few second and repeat across the lashline until you get the look you like.

The Rolls Royce of heated eyelashes curlers is the Hotlashes appliance for about $35. It heats up a tourmaline crystal pad and creates an ionic flow that locks in a curl for around 24 hours. Sort of like a curling iron for your eyes! Just the curler part gets warm but the rest of it stays cool.  If you use your basic curler, apply mascara and then a heated curler your lashes will stay curled no matter how straight

And for those times you are traveling or might not be able to find your eyelash curler … never fear - you can use a regular teaspoon to make an eye lash curl. First apply your mascara. Next heat up the spoon with your hands or make it warm (not hot) with a blow dryer. Then slide your lashes against the outer edge of the spoon and press your thumb over the edge to bend the top of your lashes for a few minutes, working the curl upward.

To learn more model's secrets to looking your best and taking your best photos check out my new book Face This: Real advice from real models, photographers and makeup artists on how to become Picture Perfect! Available for just $7.99 on Kindle, Nook and iTunes. Also as paperback from Amazon.com