Just when you thought you've seen it all from Disney - including a twerking Hannah Montana, in walks the bearded princesses!

You moust-Ache yourself the same question Moustacherella is thinking here .... Should I shave it for later or find a way to deal with facial hair?

Princesses and ALL women around the world have fines hairs or peach fuzz on their faces. Like Cinderella looking in the mirror, you might be just as frighted or maybe overwhelmed, with the concept of shaving your face - but check out the biggest secret that Japanese women, not to mention models, this one included: I have been doing it for years ... I just never knew anyone else was!

 Read about it {HERE} Women's Facial Shaving - Deffuzing the Myth of the Female Mustache.

Check out all the bearded beauties @ Buzzfeed.com


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