Last minute invitations can leave us overwhelmed when we step into our closet and try to decide what to wear. Whether it be a black tie affair, a job interview or a fun girls night out there is one wardrobe must have that is always a safe bet and will never leave you unprepared  ...  the little black dress aka LBD. If you don’t own one you love (or two) then it’s time to put it on your shopping list to be forever-ready to say YES to any request without hesitation.

Besides being universally slimming, there’s something about wearing black that makes any girl feel more confident. A simple fact of life, like the sky being blue, is that every woman should own a little back dress. The LBD is classic, never goes out of style and is the perfect choice for every occasion.

If you’re young or a workout queen, choose a dress that reveals your legs and arms! For a more business like look, layer it with a white blouse and turned up cuffs, or black textured tights and pumps. Or throw on a cardigan with a skinny belt or blazer for a more refined look.

Left on it’s own, the simplicity of a little black dress with a string of pearls is breathtaking. The LBD can be fiercely underspoken, but accessorizing is what makes this your wardrobe chameleon. To make it funky add a wide python belt, cropped jacket or metallic flats. If you’re fortysomething and this is your third or fourth LBD, invest more for a high quality, tailored fit. Think of this dress as a reflection of what you’ve accomplished in your life and a statement of what’s ahead of you! Pair it with nude pumps, diamond studs and a bold cuff bracelet for any special event!

For a quick work out to target those areas that you will be showing off in your little black dress - abs, legs and arms!

Don’t overlook makeup as your ultimate accessory for your LBD. Smoky eyes, berry stained lips, or a sleek ponytail! Even CoCo Channel herself, who introduced the little black dress in 1926, would be proud!


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