It's hard to believe, but Halloween has now become the most photographed holiday in America so here are some photo tips to make sure you are camera ready!

My best advice ... Shoot first and ask questions later!
The secret in getting an amazing quality photograph is in the quantity of photos you take! So when you think you got it, shoot some more. Also, try shooting the same photo in different modes. One in automatic and another with a different exposure. This concept works for the flash too. Take some with it on and some without, being careful that you aren't shooting into a reflective surface with your flash like mirrors or glass. For an eery effect use candles or a flashlight to illuminate.  If you don't know how to use the settings and dials on your camera now's the time to figure out how to use just one. If you have lost your manual, google it to get your one lesson or watch a tutorial on You Tube. Who knows maybe you'll get bitten by the shutterbug after you see what you are capable of creating.

When you're shooting kids you should kneel down to their eye level, zoom in and Get Closer! Don't spend a lot of energy making your subjects pose a certain way. Rather, take advantage of the spontaneity in the character of their costumes and encourage everyone to act their part by flying, groaning or squinting while adding in the action of their guise. Make sure you're talking, joking and keeping it natural looking all the while you click! You should shoot fast before you lose the enthusiasm and fun, or the light. 

Shooting at twilight will be the best time to get the right lighting. Remember to take advantage of side lighting from the sun and if you backlight your trick or treater make sure to force your flash on so that the faces don't look muddy or dark.

When you are shooting a group, keep the background simple and make everyone invade some personal space to get closer together. Keep them interacting, laughing and then shoot several photos quickly. Sneak around and get some candids after everyone thinks you've put your camera away. These shots are usually the all time faves!


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