I see London,
I see France,
and this season we will be seeing a lot of ... Underpants !
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The Spring/Summer collections always seem to lure us into showing a little more skin, and this year is no exception: Designers are in love with sheer fabrics. But exactly what do you wear underneath so that this sexy look doesn't become a sleazy statement?

The key to wearing sheer is to make sure that you are pairing it with a opaque under-thing and not just another lightweight lingerie like piece. Probably the easiest way for anyone to pull off a sheer maxi is paired over a mini dress or shorts.

Sheer becomes sophisticated if you stick to basic black, ivories and beige. Keep it balanced by adding only one transparent piece to your outfit. While it may be tempting to go head-to-toe in sheer, remember that a bigger impact is made with smaller efforts, like this photo with a sheer black maxi over black mini with a crew neck beige sweater on top. When you wear a sheer blouse, pair it with a solid bottom and add a tank or bandeau that blends in, also try buttoning it all the way up.

See through lace, crochet and mesh will also be showing up this season and is a perfect excuse to go shopping for some vintage finds. I think the cutest way to wear this is by creating a silhouette with a brightly colored slip underneath for a pop of color ... and attention!

To avoid dressing inappropriately and ending up on the worst dressed peekaboo list, keep in mind that this trend is not about flashing more skin! There is a fine line between keeping it classy and not becoming too provocative. Have fun amping up your sex appeal this season by copying some of these looks and becoming a little more "transparent"!

ROCK the Sheer look your way & write back to tell me about it!
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