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Let's face it, we'd all love to have a killer profile photo to use for anything from professional networking to online dating or maybe even a beauty contest! And we all want to know the tricks to taking the best photo - so here are a few secrets to help you get that picture-perfect shot!

Everyone does have a better side. To find it, look through old pictures and pick your favorites to decide which one it is for you! For portraits, you'll want your head facing straight on, but it's important to know which side is your best so you can play to it ever so slightly.

Youthfulness correlates to a fuller face but as we age our faces thin. If you play too much to "a side" by angling your head, the light will highlight the hollows of your cheekbones or a jutting chin. So for a rounder, fuller face go straight on!

Little changes in your posing can make a huge difference in your photos. If you are standing or even sitting for a beauty shot, instead of keeping ALL of you square to the lens, turn your hips sideways and then twist your shoulders the opposite way toward the camera with your face in a 10 and 2 o'clock position. Besides a beautiful face, this will give you a smaller waistline and a longer neck.

If you hold your arm tightly against your body, your arm will flatten out and look larger than you'd like, but if you pull it back or place your hand on your hip, your arm will look thinner.

Be sure that you are showcasing your very best features, but avoid a super close-up. Have at least a part of your body showing, such as your arms or shoulders .... or people will wonder what you're trying to hide. If you do happen to have some body issues, a photo taken from above will add some distortion and be more flattering to everything below your chin!

Don't overlook the importance of lighting in your photos! When indoors, it's best to use natural lighting like a setting near a large window. Overhead lighting can be harsh and create shadows underneath your eyes so stay away from canned lights in the ceiling. No one looks good when the sun is directly overhead like at 12 o'clock noon, so for outdoor shots get under some even shade like a canopy of trees or a porch. For your best lighting outdoors, try the "magic" hour after the sun rises and again before the sun sets.

By following these tips you'll be ready to strike the right pose for your next photo!

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