Have you ever wondered if it really matters if you go to bed with your makeup on? Well, this is a photo of a woman who slept in her makeup, not washing it off for an entire month.With Halloween right around the corner, this itself is pretty scary for the beauty obsessed! 

photo via the Drs.

You can see that she looks about 10 years older, and the quality of her skin has definitely changed. Inflammation and clogged pores which appear larger because bacteria that causes acne has become trapped. 

We've all been guilty of skipping this important skin care step after a night out with the girls, and damage is likely not permanent, but it will take longer for your skin to bounce back.

Not washing your face can also speed up the aging process because of free radical damage. It's important to wash away pollutants that stick to makeup and contaminate our skin, attacking healthy skin that can result in a decrease in the production of collagen, which means premature wrinkles.

Moral of the story - you know it already, wash off your makeup every night! To help, buy some cleansing or baby wipes and leave them on your nightstand. This way you'll have no excuses and it's better for your skin than skipping it entirely. 

I partnered with Cover Girl in the video below to bring you some more helpful tips regarding some things you might be doing that  are actually aging your skin. 

For example, did you know that you should wash your face after you shower? Sometimes the products you use to wash your hair and body can get trapped in your pores and make them appear larger. Watch below for some more helpful tips.


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